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We offer both Linux and Windows Web Hosting Packages... Read below to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Should I select a Linux or Windows Web Hosting Plan?

If you are running scripts that use .PHP extensions and/or a MySQL database, then Linux web hosting is most likely the better choice. Linux hosting also allows for mod rewrite commands in your .htaccess file that permits you to make URLS shorter.

However, if you scripts are using .ASP, .ASPX, .NET, Silverlight, FrontPage and/or a MSSQL database, then select the Microsoft web hosting plans.

How can I install software on my Windows Dedicated Server?

Installing software on your Windows Server is fairly simple. Just log in to your Windows Dedicated Server with Remote Desktop and upload your desired installation package to your server (most often a .exe file). As another option, users can access their server via an FTP client to upload the installation package.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is unique in that, unlike typical hosting plans where user accounts share space on a server, Dedicated Servers are solely devoted to use by one user account. With a Dedicated Server, users no longer have to share bandwidth, storage space, memory, or other performance related components with other subscribers. Dedicated Servers are the perfect option for customers who wish to have their own usage and traffic determine the perfomance of their site.

What are Assisted Service Plans?

We offer Assisted Service Plans for all of our Dedicated and Virtual Servers. Assisted Service Plans are perfect if you would rather have us handle all of your setting up, monitoring, routine maintenance and security for your server. Also included with an Assisted Service Plan are hourly custom support rates.

With every Assisted Service Plan, servers will use Parallels Plesk Panel. Our Windows Servers will run Windows Server 2008 R2 OS, and Linux Servers will run CentOS. Already have a hosting plan? Assisted Service Plans can also be added to your server.

Do you need an SSL secure certificate with your hosting account?

That depends on whether you are collecting sensitive information or not. If you collect information, like passwords, credit card numbers, or social security numbers, then you definitely need to have an SSL secure certificate to help keep that valuable information from hackers. The SSL helps to protect the information passing from your user's computer to the web site by encrypting the information both ways.

How do I install an SSL on a Dedicated Server?

First, you will need to purchase an SSL Certificate. In order to get your SSL certificate, you will need to purchase an SSL for your website from a reputable vendor. Once you have an SSL, you are ready to submit a certificate signing request (CSR) to your Certification Authority (CA), which is key to completing the authentication of your certificate. Once authenticated, the Certification Authority will provide you with a signed certificate for your site, along with additional installation instructions for your particular setup.

What nameservers do I use with my Dedicated Server?

After creating and registering two domain hosts, you have to set the nameservers for your domain to point to the Dedicated Server. When setting nameservers, make sure to choose "I have specific nameservers for my domains", and enter the names of the domain hosts you created in the previous step.

Are there any restrictions on what I can install on my Dedicated Server?

Your Dedicated Server is yours to use freely. You are able to install anything you wish on your Dedicated Server, with the only restriction being that the installed material is not in violation of your license agreement.

What about content, are there any restrictions?

Much like installations on a Dedicated Server, content is yours to freely host as long it is not in violation of the terms listed in your existing license agreement.

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